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A 10-day journey filled with inspiring daily reminders, practical exercises, actions &
recipes to bring you joy. Strategies for a healthy and happy life!

Tap Into Your Joy

For the love of all, no animals were harmed, nor their products used in any of these recipes.

Recipes For Life

A culinary journey into the heart of devotional yoga, also known as Bhakti yoga.

Life is Delicious

Plant-based, vegan, cooking offers a lot of variety in every cuisine, which is blissfully satisfying.

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A 10-day journey starting on 24 June!

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Claire De Groot-vd Heuvel
owner Claire Easy Peasy World

Bahar Özdemir, trainer coach

Simone Levie, online business coach

Here is what you’ll get inside this
10-day program

10 Daily strategies for experiencing a Taste of Happiness. These various elements of joy are here for you – you deserve them!


Daily Inspirational Videos

Theme & strategy of the day highlighting a
daily taste of happiness to awaken your heart.


10 Beautiful Worksheets

Actions, exercises & play to give you experiences of connection & fulfilment.


10 Daily Reminders

To bring thoughtfulness of the daily
topics closer to your being.


The Fb ‘Happiness Tribe’

Join our private Facebook community
to encourage, support & celebrate eachother.


Tasty Daily Offerings

Kind, plant-based & vegan recipes for a happy body, mind & spirit.


Bonus Meditations

Inward journeys to visualize & enjoy the various tastes of happiness.

Claire De Groot-vd Heuvel
owner Claire Easy Peasy World

Bahar Özdemir, trainer coach

Mirjam van der Zee, coaching & massage

A 10-day journey starting on 24 June!

Taste of Happiness is brought to you by kitchenoflove.com


“Love has nothing to take but everything to give.” —Swami BV Narayana

Don’t just take it from me, let our tribe do the talking!

What our Tribe says about previous Programs, Workshops or Challenges!

“I was worried that I wouldn’t have the time to complete the challenge but Britt’s step-by-step guidance & recipes made it FUN and EASY!”

Eva Gonzalez

Amsterdam, NL

“I’m inspired & challenged to love more, in spreading more kindness & forgiveness! I feel humbled & grateful. Plus who knew I’d start to love cooking!”

Bahar Özdemir

Amsterdam, NL

Bahar Özdemir
trainer coach

Mirjam van der Zee
coaching & massage

Maria Moratalla

Reggy Nelissen
Reggy Nelissen Netherlands
I learned to eat with love and joy. I will now honour the food I eat because its energy will feed me in several ways. You inspired me to take more care of my body and soul with love.

“I was so happy to find the Energy Celebrators group. It helped me get back on track with renewed energy and outlook on life. Our FB support group is phenomenal and an added bonus!”

Windy Wiedemann McMichael

Texas, USA

“This has been a life changing experience for me. I feel totally energized and so much brighter and sparkly all day. The dishes are absolutely delicious! I truly love Britt and the family of celebrators and am very grateful for this challenge.”

Maud Peij

Utrecht, Netherlands

Annemiek van Veen
Annemiek van Veen The Hague, NL
Britt’s energy challenge helped me change my eating habits. Not only for the duration of the challenge but permanently! Love her motivating and humorous approach!

“The 7-day challenge made me feel happy, healthy and vibrant! It inspired and motivated me to finally begin many new healthy habits I once only dreamed about doing. It was fun and easy to do together with a group and now 3 months later I’m still keeping it up!”

Subhadra Bäppler


“I feel so much energy, my asthma is reduced as well as my 7 year old son’s and I have lost a few kilos while eating so much! Wonderful & fun!”

Marianne Oude Nijhuis

Amsterdam, NL

Carolyn Jane
Carolyn Jane Netherlands
It’s funny because I’ve done so many things over the years and food-wise, nothing really clicked – but this did. I am now thinking healthier versus calorie counting.

“It’s so important to take good care of yourself and I am so happy Britt is here in our lives to serve us & help us with that and she also brings so much joy with it & it’s really unique.”

Simone Levie

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Taste of Happiness meet-up, Feb 2017


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” —Aesop


Namaste! My name is Britt, and I am happiest in the kitchen. I can’t wait to start cooking with you 🙂

Inspiring you to cook delicious plant-based meals that are compassionate, sustainable and offered with love, is my main joy!

I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for almost 2 years which feels great.

I practice Bhakti-Yoga, whereby cooking and offering meals for Krishna is a meditation and a celebration of love. It is such a heart-felt way to cook and wanted to share this with the world. So my husband, dear friends and I have created two cookbooks, participated in food markets, catered (including the ‘Food for Life’ division of GreenPeace) and have hosted cooking workshops all under the name of ‘Kitchen of Love’.

This year, I graduated from the ‘Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional Certification Course’. It was a delicious, culinary-journey and a blast of kitchen knowledge that I can’t wait to share with you.

More #tribelove

Claire De Groot-vd Heuvel

Haarlem, NL

“I love being in your challenge and energy. It’s a wonderful world of love and it re-charges me in so many ways.”

Ethelka Arkenbout

The Hague, NL

“I joined the challenge later and was so happy to see all the inspiring videos and posts of all participants. Britt is such a lovely, happy person and inspiration! She has a big talent to bring joy and love for happy food and health, it makes you really want to join in.”

Snigdha Dasi

Jagannatha Puri, India

“I expected this to be a fun with few new recipes, but I never knew how much love and joy I’ll receive. Also I found there much more, I discovered a lot about myself and still continue to discover.”


“On a deeper level you are already complete. When you realize that, there is a playful, joyous energy behind what you do.” —Eckhart Tolle

Brought to you by kitchenoflove.com

A 10-day journey starting on 24 June!

Ready to smile inside & out?

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Taste of Happiness includes

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  • Awesome Community
  • Heart full of Gratitude
  • Lots and lots more …

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Spiced Up! edition includes

  • ToH program
  • Cooking Workshop (20)
  • Recipes & Goodie Bag
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“Live in love & gratitude & celebrate the life that will love you back.” —Kitchen of Love

Have questions?


It is a lifestyle program. It is also a strategy for happiness, ‘cooking up’ joy in all aspects of your life that includes a daily delicious recipe inspired to keep us healthy.


This program was created with the busy person’s lifestyle in mind. The fun activities are short but thoughtful & are designed for you to do throughout the day, when convenient. Each recipe will be less than 40 minutes to make.


The challenges focused on food & exercise whereas this program focuses on all aspects of soul happiness that includes great food. This is a holistic approach to bring joy into all aspects of your life, daily.


The Journey will start on Saturday 24 June until Monday 3 July. You will, however receive access, to the Facebook Group right away to start enjoying our community.

Starts 24 June: Let’s Do This…

Are you ready to get your GREEN ON,
do a little DANCE and CELEBRATE?

PS: You will never know until you try 😉

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